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Roulette Cheating; Among the widely-spread roulette cheating techniques past posting (the dealer should add more chips to the winning bet) and top hatting (chips should be moved on to the winning numbers) remain at the top rating-positions, though each of them require the players' either perfect coordination, or at least their close friendship with a dealer. Pastposting is an interesting thing. It was not actually casino gambling scam at first. It came from horse racing. It happened when the horses galloped to the finish and the finish line tape was out of field of view. Those were the times when the results of the races were wired by the people, who were running to the main office. And there were Roulette cheating methods explained by Heath St. John Irving, Surveillance & Security Director Casino Palace Bucharest Past posting started a long time ago, in England, in the horse racing domain. The finish line is called a post. In these races, they used to delay the results so that some people could have bet after the horses had past the post, because they had already known the outcome Online Blackjack Past Posting. Online casinos are particularly immune to past posting. When playing blackjack online, it is impossible for a player to alter their starting wager. Once the bet has been placed, it is registered by the online software. This protects both the casino and the player in the event that a hand is disputed. Most online Past posting is a frequent habit in almost all of the casinos, but the first officially recorded incident took place in 2001, when a man was caught in the casino, by no one else than the security agents themselves. The gambler was using a fairly simple method: he asked for change, few seconds before the dice got rolled. While receiving the change, the dices have come to a halt. In the Gambling Strategy; Casino Winning Tips; Roulette Bet; Live Roulette Game; Top Hatting. Online Casino Guide; Vegas Winner Casino; Live Casino Bonus; Live Casino Games; Table games; Casino Top Games; Laser Scamming. Casinos Online Gambling; Winning Strategies; Grand Online Casino; Bonuses Finder; Great game variety Gifts up to €750. 100+ games. Play now. Casino NetBet. Good high roller bonuses To perform the past posting successful the players need perfect eyesight in order to see numbers on such distance. Moreover, those cheaters probably possessed a talent of the hand dexterity as it is really hard to get the chips or add them secretly. Nowadays the performing of this method at the casinos is almost impossible as there are many various cameras (including those with movement In order to attempt past posting you’ll likely want to scout your targets first. You’ll want to find a roulette croupier who looks like they do not pay attention to their table layout when checking the result of a spin and you won’t want many other casino personnel (like pit bosses or other floor workers) hanging out near the table. It’s even best if you’re playing with friends or Top Hatting şi Past-Posting marţi, 27 aprilie 2010 Metode de a trişa la ruletă, descrise de Heath St. John Irving, Director de Supraveghere şi Securitate la Casino Palace Bucureşti. During past posting stage, casino players should not completely avoid making bets and add your bets after knowing the result. This would look like a clear attempt to cheating. The dealer would eventually notice that you haven’t made a single bet. He or she would be quick to raise suspicion on you when your chips suddenly appear on the winning number. Most importantly, casino players must not

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